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On the Barrier Reef

Ken’s next series was also made by Fauna production called Barrier Reef. Ken played a scuba diver (Kip Young) The location was Hayman Island and Ken had his 21st Birthday on the Island the ship featured was called the Barrcentine Endeavour. This production lasted 12 months.

Just before Cyclone Ada devastated the barrier reef the producers had for some reason decided to move the production company to Townsville to shoot just 2 episodes. They were extremely fortunate not to be in the Cyclones path.

Ken moved to Sydney where he was a role in a Don Cash /Bill Harmon production. They would later go on to make No 96 – Ken never had a role in that show. He was busy in Melbourne filming The Box for Crawford Production. But more about that later. The Show he was now making was the Group a TV comedy about a group of uni student living together. Ken played the role of a phycology student, for which he collected another Logie award on behalf of the show. Written by David Sale the writer who would eventually write No 96 for the O Ten Network.

Back to School

In between plays and guest roles in various TV series Ken was asked to play Grigor Taylor’s brother in Glenview High, a channel 7 production for the Grundy organisation.

Grigor Taylor & Ken James

Split Second

Ken had earlier worked for Grundies when Reg Grundy asked him to host a quiz show called Spilt Second and that’s about all it lasted. Ken enjoyed his role as an MC and has hosted many functions in a professional capacity. He is available as an MC today.

Split Second

The Box

The next phase of his life was to move between Sydney and Melbourne as he had successfully auditioned for the role of Tony Wild in Crawford productions The Box. Staring along side George Mallaby, Judy Nunn, Paul Karo and Lois Ramsey for four and half years. The series broke new ground in Australian Television as nudity was the norm in the show and the viewers got to see more of Ken than before.

While working in the studios of channel O at Nunawadding Ken worked along side Ernie Sigley where he discovered his love of cooking and demonstrating on TV.

Ken as Tony Wild on The Box

Sons and Daughters
Soon after The Box ended Ken was asked to fly to Sydney to audition for the “Soapie” Sons and Daughter once again successfully auditioning he was offered the role of Jim O’Brien, and now having a family of his own moved back to Sydney for two years.

Back to Melbourne
Moving once again back to Melbourne where his agent Gary Stewart Melbourne artists Management had his offices Ken played Guest roles in shows such as Bellamy, Winner takes All, Catspaw, Prisoner, Inside Running, etc.

On the big screen
His next feature film was The Last I Heard shot on location in the Northern Territory the shoot took three months. On the last day of shooting Ken’s agent contacted him in Darwin and asked if he would like to play Brad in the musical The Rocky Horror Show.

Just a jump to the left

Thus began a three month tour of Australia with Glen Shorrock, Russell Morris, Victoria Nichols, Maria Mercedes, Joe Martin, Margaret Coyne and Joe Daniels.

Anything goes!
His next musical was Anything Goes by Cole Porter, but that role came about by default. He originally auditioned for the American director who couldn’t decide between Ken and Grant Dodwell for the part, opening and rehearsing in Sydney they went with Grant as he was a Sydney based Actor. Not to be disappointed Ken was offered the role of Hero Head in the TV series Pugwall directed by John Gauchi for the Nine Network, soon after Anything Goes closed in Adelaide the show was asked to open the Aotea Centre in Auckland NZ. Grant Dodwall was unavailable to tour so Ken was offered the role he so nearly won the year previously.

Cooking up a storm
Ken’s love of cooking has had him appear in many cooking shows and demonstrations, his easy going style and personality bought him to the attention of Good Morning Australia’s executive producer Leanne Mercer. His chemistry working with the host Bert Newton initiated an offer to become a regular on the program which he did for nine years.

Drama Tutor
Ken held the position of senior Drama Tutor at the Academy of Television for 10 years. The curriculum included drama, comedy, speech, hosting and presenting. He is currently tutoring private students in drama and presentation.

His corporate clients teaching motivation and communications skills included the Victorian Police, Julia Ross Recruitment, Spotless and Australia Post etc.

Ken is happily living in Melbourne with his fiancée Rosemarie, with his son Adrian, daughter Becky and granddaughter Mika living close by.

Ken is available as a celebrity MC and enjoys many opportunities as a celebrity chef for cooking and marketing promotions at shopping centres and or corporate functions please contact, ken@kenjames.com.au


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Celebrity Chef

Cooking Demonstrations: Television, home shows, shopping centres and private functions and for private dinner parties

Master of Ceremony

Royal Children’s Hospital, and a number of other corporate functions

Communications Presentations

Motivation Seminars for corporate, small business and charity events.

Drama Teacher

Academy of Television. Ken James School of Drama: comedy, speech, hosting and presenting. He is currently tutoring private students in drama and presentation.

Events Management

Special events management combinations include entertainment services, food and cooking demonstration. Venues can also be arranged, hotels, boats etc.

Tour Bali with Ken James as your host

Experience an 8 day food and culture tour of Australia’s most popular holiday destination with TV celebrity Ken James details listed below

Judging and critique for acting festivals

One act plays etc


Ken with Bert Newton & Elizabeth Chong on Good Morning Australia - Channel 10